Top 5 Tips For Staging Your Home

From Your Trusted Airdrie Real Estate Agent

Staging your home can be a difficult task. If you’re reading this, you might be a little panicked thinking “how do I stage my home?” You’re familiar with the way your home looks and that can be challenging to crack. When potential buyers come to view your home, you don’t want them to see your personal things or have it look too homey. As your preferred Airdrie real estate agent, I know how to stage your home to make it sell faster. Here are the top 5 tips! There are way more, so ask me the question -how should I stage my home? Let’s get that sold sign up in your front yard!

Curb Appeal

Ensure that your home looks inviting. A bad first impression of a home is a major deterrent for potential buyers. Curb appeal is one of the most important things to garnish interest in your home. When people are interested in a home, they will drive by it and check it out. Make sure your home is attractive from the front. The lawn should be well looked after, toys or tools should be cleaned up, shrubs should be trimmed, and it should feel inviting!

Clean Home / Clear Clutter

Make certain that your home is clean throughout the selling process. This is a must. Along with cleaning your home and making sure it’s sparkling is clearing out clutter. Clutter makes a home feel small. Having half-empty closets will maximize space, de-cluttered cabinets, under the sink, and in storage areas show off extra space. A buyer will always look to see how much storage space there is, help them out by cleaning out busy areas.

Rearrange Furniture

We arrange our furniture in ways that suit how we use a room, but that’s likely not the most space efficient way to do so. When staging your home, arrange your furniture in a symmetrical manner. Pull your furniture away from the walls and create a space that looks comfortable and friendly.


People will not purchase a home if it smells unpleasant. When we smell something bad, we have an pleasant feeling, or think something is wrong. Make sure any bad scents are gone! For example, if you have a pet you might not notice the smell, but other people will notice it right away. Same goes for smokers and any food smells can linger. Make sure you get out that trusty air freshener, open the doors, and air out your home before anyone comes to view it.

Maintain Your Yard

Your back (and front) yard should be clean, have nice landscaping, and shows off the space. If you have a deck, arrange patio furniture to make it feel more homey. Guide to buyer into thinking up ways they can use the backyard. Show off a certain lifestyle in your yard that matches the feeling of the neighbourhood.

Hopefully now instead of thinking “how am I going to stage my home?!” you have a better idea of what you should start with. Talk to your expert Airdrie real estate agent Tara Molina to get tips for the finishing touches of staging your home.

The main thing to do when staging your home is to show off its many uses. Owners can have difficulties seeing new ways to arrange furniture or manicure the yard. Even making neutral spaces can be difficult. Tara has a keen sense of how to make your home look as “buyable” as possible. As your preferred Airdrie real estate agent, I’m here to help you.

Let’s Get Started!

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