Tax Fighter Guide 2023 to the rescue! Did you receive your property tax assessment for 2023? Curious about how you can fight to reduce it…why pay more taxes than you need to?!

We believe most assessment authorities try to be fair in assessing your property. Given the sheer number of properties they must assess, it is almost impossible for them to be fair to everyone. Your concern and input to the assessor is vital if the system is to work fairly for all concerned. It is your right and responsibility to work with the assessors to ensure that your assessment (and the taxes that result from it) are fair in relation to all other taxpayers in your community.

We ask ourselves:

  • Am I paying more than my fair share?
  • If I am paying too much—how do I go about paying less?

Getting answers isn’t easy. In many parts of Canada the property tax system is not “user-friendly”. Sometimes it’s hard to reach the right government official to get answers to your questions. Sometimes the answers themselves are hard to understand. Figuring out your choices, and your rights, can be frustrating and intimidating.

That’s where The Tax Fighter Guide is designed to help. Its purpose is to guide you through the maze, give you plain answers and tell you where you can go for more information if you still have questions and ultimately help you pay less property tax.

In this guide, you will learn.

  • How your property taxes are calculated
  • How can you tell whether your assessment is fair
  • How to appeal your assessment

Download your Tax Fighter Guide PDF HERE

Please do not hesitate to reach out; we are here and always happy to help!


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