Moving Up?

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When deciding what type of home you want to move into, it’s easy to get carried away. We all have a notion that bigger is better. But is it really? As your preferred Airdrie REALTOR®, I can help you decipher the difference between what you need, and what you think you want. Further along we’ll explore the 3 most common pitfalls of moving up, and how you can avoid them. Let’s dive in!

Is Bigger Really Better?

For some, moving up means their family is expanding and they need more space. For others, it means they want to upgrade their current living situation. Notice the difference between these two. Just because something is larger does not make it better.

When you’re creating a list of “wants and needs” for your new home, take into consideration your current lifestyle. What is it you need?

Expansion VS Upgrade

BIG difference here. Expanding your home, or, purchasing a larger home would mean that your current home is simply too small. You need a larger backyard for your pets or kids or maybe you’re expecting and need another bedroom or another bathroom.

Upgrading your home means that the space you’re living in is big enough, but you want greater luxuries. Perhaps a walk-in closet in the master bedroom? Or you want a better layout for the kitchen.

When you write your “wants and needs” list, you’ll see the areas where you can actually save money!

The 3 Most Common Pitfalls Of Moving Up

buying a larger home, airdrie realtor helping a family buy a new home, don't get emotionally attached to one home and stop looking,

Avoid Getting Too Attached Upfront

House hunting is perhaps the most fun part of buying a home in Airdrie. Exploring opportunities, finding out your likes and dislikes, even imagining the possibilities of your future life with your partner. It’s all very exciting! Finding a home that is love at first sight isn’t a bad thing, however it’s important to explore options and not jump the gun! Think the entire package through. Location, rooms, space, decorating, etc. Make a list of all the pros and cons, and match it against your original list of “needs and wants.”

buying a larger home, airdrie realtor helping a family buy a new home, chils moving into a new home, don't neglect the house you're selling,

Remember Your Other Assets!

Assuming you’re moving up from another home, you will be in the process of selling a home while you’re buying a home. Neglecting the home you are trying to sell will inevitably result in poor results. Just because you’re moving out doesn’t mean you can neglect your assets. It needs to be ready to sell, and you need to be prepared to do double the work.

buying a larger home, airdrie realtor helping a family buy a new home, bad timing to find a home, be prepares and organized

Be Prepared & Organized

Continuing with the last point, do you have the capacity to sell one home while you buy another simultaneously? To be honest, if you are not experienced in Airdrie real estate it will be incredibly difficult without the help of a knowledgeable Airdrie REALTOR ®.

Let me guide you through this process, as your preferred Airdrie REALTOR® I am always keen to help my clients have the best real estate experience possible.

Let’s Get Started!

Have a question about buying or selling your current home? Are you a first-time home buyer that’s not quite sure what to expect? No matter where you’re at in your real estate journey, I am here to help! Send me a message below or give me a shout at 403-809-4639. Let’s make your next move a positive one!

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