Moving To Airdrie

From Personal Experience

As someone who was used to living in BIG cities like New York and Calgary, and who works in Calgary currently, I’m a huge advocate for living there. It’s a stunning city and the people are absolutely inspiring. The fast pace is perfect for my work and daily environment, but when I thought about moving to Airdrie, it was because I wanted a tighter community for my family to evolve. I moved from Calgary to Airdrie 13 years ago and to be honest, it’s been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I want to share with you my experience of moving to a smaller city with you because I never thought I would. It’s an interesting thing that life does, as you get older the truth of what you want for your lifestyle just appears and BAM! You’re getting ready for a big move.


Raising a family in a smaller city has been incredible. The tight-knit community of friends we have is something not normally experienced in a bigger city. The neighbourhood and community feeling has been great for my kids and their self-esteem. They have more space to move around and the freedom and safety of a smaller city as a mother is reassuring for me.

Working in Calgary, Living in Airdrie

You might be thinking what about work? As an Airdrie Real Estate Agent, I am happy to be working and thriving in this community. I move back and forth between Calgary and Airdrie everyday for work, as many people who live in Airdrie do. This commute for me is an essential decompression. Coming home to a sizeable backyard and a big blue sky definitely lifts the spirits after a long day!

The fast pace of Calgary is something I love, and living in Airdrie gives me the best of both worlds. It’s a happy life!

Space, Skies, Sanctuary

I love living in Airdrie most of all because it’s home to me. When we first made the move it took a couple weeks to get used to the change of pace but the friendliness and community of Airdrie inspires my positive attitude everyday.

Did I mention the skies? That’s reason enough to think about moving to Airdrie!

Are you curious about moving to Airdrie? Chat with someone who has been there, done that! I’m happy to help you navigate the waters.

Explore the possibilties of living in Airdrie! View my current listings and ask me any questions. As someone who has been through the exact process and is an Airdrie Real Estate Agent, I can guaruntee a positive real estate experience.

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