Introducing the October 2023 Housing Market Update. Calgary’s real estate market continues to witness price gains amidst low inventory levels. Despite the expected seasonal slowdown, sales activity remains strong, with a remarkable 17% increase compared to last year. This surge can be attributed to the growing demand for affordable housing options, particularly in the apartment condominium segment, as consumers tackle high-interest rates. In October, new listings also showed improvement, reaching the highest levels reported since 2015. However, despite these positive developments, inventory levels remain over 40% lower than the traditional October standards, posing challenges in supply. According to CREB® Chief Economist Ann-Marie Lurie, achieving a shift towards balanced conditions and more price stability will require time. With just one and a half months of supply, the upward pressure on home prices persists. The unadjusted benchmark price for October reached an impressive $571,600, marking a gain from the previous month and illustrating an almost 10% increase compared to last year. Discover the latest insights in Calgary’s housing market today.


Both sales and new listings improved over levels reported last October. However, with 1,302 new listings this month and 976 sales, inventory levels slowed over the last month. Inventory levels remain the lowest ever reported for October. Inventory levels have declined for all homes priced below $700,000, leaving conditions exceptionally tight for lower-priced homes. The only area where conditions are not as tight as last year is for homes priced above $1,00,000, where the months-of-supply has risen to 4.3 months.

Persistently tight conditions continue to cause further price gains in the detached market. As of October, the unadjusted benchmark price reached $697,600, a slight increase over last month and 12 per cent higher than last October. Prices trended up over the last month across every district except the South East. Year-to-date benchmark prices have increased the most in the North East and East districts. 


New listings in October improved over the low levels reported last year. However, with 235 new listings and 179 sales, the sales to new listings ratio remained relatively high at 76 per cent, preventing any significant change in the inventory levels. Inventory levels are nearly half the levels traditionally seen in October and have not been this low since October 2005.

Persistently tight conditions have continued to support price growth. In October, the unadjusted benchmark price increased over the last month, reaching $628,700, a year-over-year gain of 13 per cent. Prices trended up over September across most districts, with the most significant monthly gain occurring in the City Centre district. Like the detached sector year-to-date, the highest price growth has happened in the most affordable districts of the North East and East. 


The 420 new listings this month were met with 375 sales, keeping the sales-to-new listings ratio high at 89 per cent and preventing a significant shift in inventory levels. Row inventory levels have not been this low since October 2005. At the same time, October sales reached a record high for the month, keeping the months of supply low at one month.

Persistently tight market conditions have supported further gains in prices this month. In October, the unadjusted benchmark price reached $425,200, a monthly gain of over one per cent and nearly 19 per cent higher than last October. Prices have risen across most districts, but this month, the largest monthly gain occurred in the City Centre, which has also seen the lowest year-to-date price growth compared to the other districts. 


Record high sales in October were possible thanks to the steep gain in new listings.   However, with 727 new listings and 641 sales, the sales to new listings ratio remained high at 88 per cent, and inventories continued to trend down. The decline in inventory levels has been driven mostly by condos priced below $300,000, which now represent only 38 per cent of all inventory, a significant decline compared to the 53 per cent reported last year.

Persistent seller market conditions have driven much of the recent gains in prices. The unadjusted October benchmark price reached $316,600 in October, a monthly gain of over one per cent and a year-over-year increase of 16 per cent. Year-to-date price gains have occurred across every district in the city, with some of the largest gains arising in the lower-priced North East and East districts.



Sales in the city eased in October, contributing to the year-to-date decline of 29 per cent. Much of the decline has been driven by detached home sales. Limited supply choice in the lower price ranges has contributed to some steep drop in home sales priced below $500,000. While Inventory levels have improved over last year’s low levels, the growth was driven by homes priced above $500,000.

While adjustments in both sales and inventory levels did cause the months of supply to trend up over the last month, with less than two months of supply, conditions remain tight, supporting further price gains. In October, the benchmark price rose over the last month, reaching $521,400, a year-over-year gain of nearly 10 per cent. 


New listings improved over last month’s and last year’s levels, likely supporting some of the monthly gains in sales. Nonetheless, year-to-date sales have eased by nearly 22 per cent as sales have eased across all property types. While sales have slowed, levels remain far higher than long-term trends for the town. Despite the monthly improvement in new listings, inventory levels were lower than last year and remain well below long-term trends.

Persistently tight market conditions supported further price growth this month. In October, the unadjusted benchmark price reached $539,900, a monthly gain of over one per cent and a year-over-year increase of seven per cent. Price growth has occurred across all property types, with the largest year-over-year gains occurring in the apartment condominium sector. 


The 48 new listings in October were met with 41 sales, keeping the sales-to-new listings ratio high at 85 per cent and preventing any adjustments to the exceptionally low inventory levels. Low inventory levels have likely prevented stronger sales activity, as year-to-date sales have declined by 26 per cent, primarily due to pullbacks in detached activity.

Despite some price adjustments over the last few months, the unadjusted benchmark price rose slightly over September and was over nine per cent higher than last October. Prices have increased across all property types, but the year-over-year gains have been highest for detached and semi-detached homes. 

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