10 Moving Tips

That Will Save You Time
Congratulations on your move! It’s important to be organized and know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you will end up sweating and swearing wondering whose idea it was to move in the first place. You can’t get enough help when it comes to moving, so here’s my way of helping: 10 Moving Tips that WILL make your move easier. I used these tips when I was moving to Airdrie, and I promise they will make the move easier.

1. Pack Overnight Bags

An overnight bag is the key to staying refreshed throughout your move. Packing for more than one day is a good idea. Pick out the clean clothes you’ll want to wear, pack your toothbrush, and you’ll feel a million times better. 

2. Label Everything

Label, label, label. This will save you so much time. Labelling what is in the box is one thing, labelling what room the box should go in is a perfect way to make sure everyone gets the right stuff. This labelling technique will likely avoid some arguments and disagreements, too.

3. Know The Boxes You Need First

Be sure to either label (you see the theme here?) or use a clear box to pack the items that you will need first. These boxes will have towels, shower curtains, bathmats, food, bed spreads and other necessities. This way, you won’t lose track of what you need or have to open lid after lid to find them.

4. Use Your Clothes As wrap

Using your clothing, towels, or other fabrics is a great way to avoid breakage of fragile items.

Pro Tip: Socks are a great way to save those wine glasses from breaking – and you know you’ll need those first!

5. Pack Smart

Fragile items can break anytime during the move so make sure you’re packing properly. For example, plates should be placed vertically (standing up) in a box. They’re far less likely to break that way. Wrap a piece of fabric around them to really protect them.

6. Use Sandwich Bags 

When you’re dissembling your furniture make sure you put all the screws, nuts, and bolts into a sandwich bag and then what? You got it, label them. This will help you keep your cool when trying to put together that bed frame.

7. Take Photos To Remember!

Not everyone is the most tech-savvy individual, so this trick is for you. Take a photo of all those cords behind your TV or computer so you can set them up quickly without having a trial and error session. Again, this is going to save you time while unpacking and avoid unnecessary frustrations.

8. Use Garbage Bags (Seriously)

Garbage bags are seen as trashy to put clothes in. Pun intended. But they are a magical tool for packing up your closet. Instead of pulling your clothes off of hangers, folding them, packing them,  labelling them, unpacking them, putting them back on the hangers, and hanging them just wrap them in a garbage bag.

First Step: Get a big garbage bag.

Second Step: Put the clothes in the bag while they’re still on the hanger.

Third Step: Tie the top of the garbage bag around the necks of the hangers.

Last Step: Bask in the glory of not having to deal with more boxes.

9. Read The Fine Print

If you’re going to hire a moving company, make sure they can move everything you need them to. Some moving companies will have fine print that they won’t move certain items such as a piano, or a fridge. Don’t run into this problem!! Do your research, and know what your moving company can and cannot do.

10. Arrange For Unwanted Items Pickup

While you’re packing up your stuff you’re going to find things you don’t want to keep. If you have items that are in good condition but don’t need them anymore arrange for a charity to pick them up from your house. You’ll save time going to the charity yourself or going to the dump to trash them. As a plus, you’ll feel good about donating to a worthy cause. If you’re moving to Airdrie, there are lots of great charities that will be glad to take some things off your hands!

When I was moving to from Calgary to Airdrie, and then again from Airdrie to Calgary, these tips saved me so much time and brainpower. Trust me, when you move one thing that is lacking is brainpower. So use them! Contact me today to get more insights for moving to Airdrie, Calgary or the surrounding area!

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